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President's Message
Eric Balis and Stephanie Levine, Co-Presidents

This is the last bulletin article we'll be writing in our position as your co-presidents. It's hard to believe, but our term is coming to an end. The two years went by so fast, and it has been quite an experience! We've learned just how much work is really involved in running a shul.

We found that there are two components essential for managing this experience. The first is to have the love, support and understanding of those at home. Joanna and Marc: Thank you for being patient during the great deal of time we spent on temple business rather than with you. Your support and ideas were invaluable and we love you very much.

The second key to running a shul is to have very good people by your side. The people working with us at shul deserve accolades. They come up with ideas and then work to make good things happen. We can't thank enough those who have served with us on the Executive Board: Carol Friedman, David Greenberg, Ilene Lefkowitz, Elaine Mico, Harvey Pyser and Howard Sislin. Thank you also to those who served on The Board of Trustees. Your lively discussions, comments, suggestions and help were invaluable.

We would also like to thank Rabbi Popky and his family, Alison, Noa, Aliza for your dedication and devotion to our shul and your willingness to try different things.

To our unsung heroes, those who really keep the shul running on a daily basis - Mindy Fast and Juliette Klug. You have done and continue to do a wonderful job.

To all our volunteers, congregants and supporters: Our community would not exist were it not for you and your commitment.

We hope all of you will join us in wishing the new administration well. To Howard Sislin, Elaine Goldfisher, David Greenberg, Arlene Zimmerman, Harvey Pyser and Carol Friedman, we know the shul will be in good hands.

As we go from Presidents back to congregants and volunteers, we have a much deeper understanding of the complexity and detail involved in managing the shul. We also know how much satisfaction and pleasure is derived from being part of the team that creates a well-run organization which truly serves its community. It is our great hope, expressed by us often over the last two years, to see you, our congregants, more actively involved in the operation and support of our shul. No matter your particular talent, there is a role for each and every community member.

Thanks to all of you for your support, help and good wishes. Be well. Have a great summer.

See you around the shul.

Stephanie and Eric