The Irving T. Wolfson Religious School

March 2018

March has been a terrific month filled with fun and learning in between snow storms! We have been working on Passover. We explored the story through numbers and created a beautiful bulletin board display to illustrate
all they discovered. The students learned the song “Who Knows One” (Echad Mee Yode’a) in order to learn the significance of numbers 1-15 in the story of Passover and their importance in our Jewish tradition. We also used this opportunity to learn how to count in Hebrew. Though we sing the Four questions every year during Pesach, the students practiced their reading and decoding skills in Ma Nishtana. We investigated the common words, the meanings and the themes embedded so that we could truly understand what is different about THIS night from all other nights. We hope these themes are shared at your families’ seders. In fact, we discussed the relevance of the word Seder, order, because there is an essential order to the Seder that we follow. Stop by and check out our
Passover bulletin board downstairs in the school to learn more.

 In our Jewish learning workshops, we have made exquisite Havdallah sets, which we use at the next Havdallah program on May 5 at the Popky’s. Noa lead a wonderful Chocolate Seder and we were happy so many of the parents came to join us! At the Seder, we had matzah (chocolate-covered of course!), chocolate milk instead of wine juice, bitter(sweet) chocolate, chocolate pudding for dipping, charoset made from apples and chocolate chips, and
chocolate cake! Even the kids had had enough chocolate by the end! A sweet and wonderful time was had by all.
After the Passover break we have lots of cooking planned to prepare for our end of year Shabbat Dinner in May. Do you want to help us make challah? Perhaps a big pot of chicken soup? Would you want to share your famous brisket? Or a delicious chicken recipe we could make for 50? Please know we would love for you to come cook with us! Contact Alison!

Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!

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