The Irving T. Wolfson Religious School

May 2018

After Passover, the Hebrew school has been on the move. With the daycare coming in, we have been pitching, reorganizing, cleaning, consolidating, adjusting and moving furniture. Michelle Braun and Alissa Sundel have been AMAZING! And together we have been a team making sure there has always been a spot (if not consistent) for the kids, in hopes that organization will prevail!

We are so appreciative that Morah Hana and Cantor Rebecca have gone with the flow regardless of the balagan (craziness). John has been working on the new back classrooms, Ilene and Paula Lefkowitz are doing an awesome job reorganizing and culling the books in the library. Harvey has been the fearless leader and it is going to be amazing when this project is completed!

The students have been learning about Israel. We have focused on the history of the creation of the modern State of Israel, the essential leaders, the map of Israel and the essential Hebrew words to describe directionality, landmarks and cities. We have taken an intensive examination of Hatikvah, the words, the meaning and melody. Rabbi Charlie came to class to talk about Yom Hashoah, and begin to whet their appetite for a rich Holocaust curriculum for next year. We learned about Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) by decorating cupcakes. Each student had the chance to use the ingredients to depict Israel at 70! The cupcakes were creative, had a depth of understanding and, of course, delicious!

For the last month of school we will focus our energies on preparing to lead some of the Friday night service, finish up Hatikvah and celebrate the end of the year together.

In our Jewish Living Workshops we will be making challah, chicken soup, desserts and all the other essentials for our end of the year Shabbat dinner. Would you like to join us? Reserve your place by calling the office!

May 5 8:30 PM Come for Havdallah and s’mores at the Popky’s
May 13 9:00 AM Last Sunday morning class
May 16 5:30 PM Prep for dinner
May 18 6:00 PM Closing ceremony services and Shabbat Dinner

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