Hello from Religious School!

We are off to a wonderful beginning!  Shabbat (not exactly) On the Beach was a big success and delicious, too. Havdallah and S’mores was smoky and fun.  The Kickoff Shabbaton Weekend was capped off as we began our first Sunday morning back to Religious School!  Madeline, Sloan, Hunter, Jessica, Jessica and Bella are back into the Sunday morning groove with Morah Hana Frankl, Noa and Aliza.  This intimate and passionate Dalet group is jumpstarting back into Hebrew and Judaics. 

Blessings was our year-long theme last year.  We looked at blessings for all sorts of food, experiences and actions as well as how we are blessed and how we are a blessing. This year, our overall theme is Giving: Tzedakah which comes from the root tzedek meaning righteous.  Once we understand what blessings are, then we can begin to understand not only how we can share those blessings, but what our obligations and responsibilities are for tzedakah, as Jews and members of a community and the society, as a whole.

This month we look forward to decorating our temple sukkah and then going on a sukkah hop around the lake.  If you would like us to come visit YOUR sukkah Sunday morning, October 8, please reach out to us!

  • Come dance with the torahs - Thursday Night October 12!
  • Just roll out of bed on October 15 for PJ Hebrew School!
  • Wednesday evening classes begin October 18 with Cantor Rebecca

White Meadow Temple

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