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Our Sisterhood is a dynamic organization and vital part of our temple.

We are committed to programs that encourage participation, educate and instill pride in Judaism. Our fundraising benefits the synagogue. We strive to present interesting, stimulating programs with Jewish content.

We provide an opportunity for women to meet & socialize in a welcoming environment.

We offer our members of all ages, friendship, support & caring.

We’re thankful for our wonderful members as we wish everyone a warm and wonderful spring!

Fariba & the Sisterhood Board


Thank you to all who joined us for our Sisterhood Shabbat Service and Kiddish Luncheon on Shabbat Morning, May 5. It was a beautiful service and a lovely, if emotional day. At the end of the service, our esteemed President, Fariba Mahgerefteh resigned the post that she has held since 2011 with the following words:

​“It has been a great pleasure to serve as our Sisterhood president for the past 7 years. My purpose has always been to share Judaism and Jewish life by strengthening unity among our members. Our programs and events flourished, bringing our members and community closer together. I enjoyed my responsibilities and would like to pass this honor to another to share the many opportunities this job has given to me.

“The entire Sisterhood committee is filled with amazing women with drive, creativity and insight. I thank Rikki Abrahams, Maddy Lashen, Randi Mitchell, Sandy Saposnik and Carol Shapiro for their support, long hours and commitment to hard work making our events incredible & memorable! It has been an honor to serve the temple.

“Effective July 1, 2018 I will be stepping down as the Sisterhood president to allow another to share in this wonderful experience you have given me. I appreciate the opportunity to serve our children and our entire congregation.”

Thank you, Fariba Mahgerefteh

We on the Sisterhood Board have also decided to step down. We hope that another enthusiastic group of women will take on the roles we are leaving. We wish the next group success and good wishes. Should you need any help or advice getting started, all of us are willing to help.

We are proud of the programs we brought to White Meadow Temple and are honored to have served under Fariba’s leadership!

Your 2017-2018 Sisterhood Board:
President: Fariba Magarefteh - morahfariba2@yahoo.com

Vice President: Maddy Lashen - mlashen@aol.com
Financial VP: Rikki Abrahams - rikray@optonline.net
Secretary: Carol Shapiro - chavashapiro@hotmail.com
Program Coordinator:  Randi Mitchell - auntran@aol.com